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Bon Vivant
bon vi·​vant | \ ˌbän-vē-ˈvänt  (French)
- : a sociable person who has cultivated and refined tastes especially with respect to food and drink
- : one who lives well

Bon Vivant Paperie is a story-telling and illustration studio run by artist Olivia Motley.


Bon Vivant was born in 2018 when Olivia wrote, illustrated, and published the Best-Selling Children's book, "Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?"

Now Olivia focuses on original watercolor illustrations, custom commissions and invitation design, and destination-specific artwork such as unique maps, house-portraits, or wedding venues.

- About Olivia -

Olivia holds a degree in set design and decoration for film, which instilled forever a base priority of good story-telling.


Though she enjoys most forms of visual art, she is particularly drawn to the luminance and simplicity of watercolor. She believes it is a perfect medium to capture the watery environment of New Orleans, but the rest of the world as well. Our planet is, after-all, 71% water and we as humans are 60% water! She also experiments with collecting site-specific water and incorporating it into her paintings (such as the Danube River, the Seine River, the Mississippi River and the Canals of Venice.) She is in the process of beginning to learn to make her own watercolors from natural and found materials. 


Olivia spends her time between New Orleans, Spain, and Germany. She has always been inspired by place and whimsy with an unquenchable curiosity for experiencing the world in all its specificity. When she's not traveling or painting, you can find her being a snail mail enthusiast, cooking, spending time in nature, dancing, or reading.


She would love to help you capture a place or an idea that is special to you!

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