Bon Vivant

bon vi·​vant | \ ˌbän-vē-ˈvänt  (French)

- : a person who devotes themselves to a sociable and luxurious lifestyle especially in regard to food and drink

- : one who lives well

Bon Vivant Paperie is a boutique event- announcement and illustration studio run by artist Olivia Motley. Bon Vivant specializes in custom invitation, menu, and stationary design, watercolor illustration, and destination-specific artwork such as wedding maps, house portraits, or honeymoon commissions.

- About Olivia -

I have a degree in set design and decoration for film. Though I enjoy all forms of fine art, I am particularly drawn to the romance of watercolor painting. I spend my time between New Orleans, Spain, and Germany. When I´m not traveling, you can find me being a snail mail enthusiast, cooking, spending time in nature, or reading. I would love to help you capture your special day in all the beauty it deserves.